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Human Solutions hosts successful customer event in Japan

RAMSIS User Meeting in Tokyo, 22-23 June 2006: Two-day user event with extensive program takes place in Asia for the first time


Human Solutions has been inviting users of its CAD tool RAMSIS to User Conferences on a regular basis. It's not only new software functions and further developments that are introduced at customer events like this - the focal issues are the practical uses of RAMSIS and users give lectures about their own personal experiences with the product, enable participants to broaden their RAMSIS horizons. Depending on the level of customer interest, various different workshops are also on offer and experts are on hand to answer any technically detailed questions that may crop up. So far these events, which mainly address customers from the automotive industry, have only been held in Germany and in North America. Reflecting Human Solution's fast-growing internationalization, a user meeting has now been held in Asia for the first time. In June 2006, in the teeming capital city of the Land of the Rising Sun, RUM participants from 21 different companies took the opportunity of exchanging experiences on a cross-company level.

Human Solutions Company speakers gave 3 lectures, while representatives of well-known customers and partners spoke at 7 presentations. Car and commercial vehicle manufacturers BMW, Honda, Mazda and Scania provided the audience with accounts of their own experiences with RAMSIS. The scientists were admirably represented by speakers from the Technical University (TU) of Munich, the Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life (Japan) and the Digital Human Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan).

More than 70 % of all car manufacturers worldwide use the RAMSIS CAD solution (computer-supported, mathematical-anthropological system for vehicle occupant simulation) in the design process of vehicle interiors. In ergonomic design, the analysis of an extremely wide range of postures and movement sequences is carried out with the aid of virtual human beings. RAMSIS uses so-called anthropometric databases in its calculation procedures. Since average height and physique vary from country to country, statistical values of various regions, including Japan, are available. The extensive Japanese database was one of the focal themes for the second event.

Alexandra Seidl, Human Solutions Marketing Director, drew positive conclusions from the Tokyo user meeting: “We are extremely pleased with our first large customer event in Asia. The lecture on the Japanese database was received with great interest - and we were delighted to see that participants from South Korea and India also accepted our invitations. We’re already making plans for another Asian RAMSIS Meeting in 2007!”


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