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“Movement starts on the inside"


Dear RAMSIS User,

„Movement starts on the inside“ is the slogan for the RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE 2007. To underline this slogan the conference is dedicated to two main themes. „Innovations with RAMSIS” will address such topics as occupant seat interaction, seat comfort and pressure distribution as well as simulation of ingress and egress. Can the rear passenger get into the vehicle without colliding with the door frame or tripping over the door sill? Ingress and egress analyses are not only of particular importance in the design of convertible cars, but also very helpful for benchmarking.

The second theme „RAMSIS in Practice” will offer you interesting lectures from automotive industry experts. DaimlerChrysler and BMW will present aspects of their design processes and Mazda will be taken as an example to show how RAMSIS‘ can be customized (API = Application Programming Interface).

As always, our Workshops will take place in the afternoons.


Seat simulation with RAMSIS
- enhanced efficiency in product development thanks to the early integration of seat and package design

Vehicle ingress and egress - optimization of vehicle configuration for ensuring ergonomically optimal vehicle ingress and egress in the concept development phase.

An informal get-together in the relexa Wald­hotel „Schatten” starting at

7 pm on 24th September will give you a good opportunity to meet up with other participants and exchange information. As guests of DaimlerChrysler we will be taken on a guided tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum at the end of the first conference day.

You‘ll find the detailed program at after 15th August.

We‘ll be delighted to see you in Stuttgart!

Your RAMSIS Team

Please find the Invitation and Faxreply here to download!


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