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Ergonomics in virtual reality

Human Solutions and Realtime Technology (RTT) conclude a cooperation agreement


Human Solutions GmbH and Realtime Technology AG (RTT) have concluded a cooperation agreement for the integration of RAMSIS into the high-end visualisation software "RTT DeltaGen". The objective of the agreement is the virtual execution of ergonomics analyses, workplace analyses and product presentations for vehicles and aircraft. RAMSIS will also be used in RTT DeltaGen for other areas of virtual prototyping.

“In the era of globalisation, the reduction of product development time and costs is an important objective for the automotive and aircraft industries. VR systems still offer lot of potential here because errors – and consequently resulting into expensive prototype development costs – can be drastically cut with the help of such systems. With RAMSIS incorporated in RTT DeltaGen, we want to use 'Virtual Reality' to provide a realistic display of human beings and motion analyses", says Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions GmbH.

RTT develops 3D visualisations for design, development, marketing and sales; and with RTT DeltaGen, it provides a software that offers realistic depictions in the field of ergonomics analysis. “We believe that this cooperation with Human Solutions is strategically important for the further development of our product range – one that will enable us to meet the requirements of our customers even more effectively”, comments Ludwig A. Fuchs, co-founder and member of the board of RTT AG.

As an RTT DeltaGen module, RAMSIS will, in future, be distributed by RTT. A corresponding RAMSIS licence will nonetheless be required to make use of the technology.


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