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RAMSIS Ergonomics Tool is worldwide leader

J.D. Power Report 2008: Cabin quality increasing in importance


First published in 2002, the annual J.D. Power customer satisfaction report tests not only bodywork and mechanics, but also cabin quality, one of the most important success factors in vehicle construction today. "The success recipe for gaining a top position in the brand and model rankings is the consistent focusing of products and services on the customer", says Martin Volk, project leader of the J.D. Power satisfaction survey. This is exactly in line with Human Solutions business slogan, "Focusing on the Human Being" and with its ergonomics tool RAMSIS for vehicle interior design, the company has been world market leader for many years. In RAMSIS (computer-supported mathematical-anthropological system for vehicle occupant simulation), Human Solutions has developed a manikin which realistically images the human body dimensions, postures and movement sequences of human beings. If a new vehicle model is to be successful nowadays, it must be adapted to the ergonomics of the human being - and not the other way around.


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    ergonomics in the car of tomorrow
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    verification of compliance with norms, RAMSIS in NX, current research
  • Comfort under water
    interior design in submarines
  • China on the move
    ergonomics simulation in the largest growth market
  • Ergonomics at the starting line
    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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