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14th Chinese OEM - the Hainan Mazda Motor Company - opts for RAMSIS

Human Solutions adds yet another automobile manufacturer in China to its customer list


Human Solutions has gained yet another Chinese vehicle manufacturer as a new customer for its 3D CAD manikin RAMSIS. The Hainan Mazda Motor Company is now the 14th Chinese automotive industry company to adopt RAMSIS.

Human Solutions Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Seidl commented, “RAMSIS is the most successful ergonomics tool for vehicle interior design in the world - and our most successful product. We're delighted that Chinese vehicle manufacturers also see ergonomics as a competitive factor, and that RAMSIS contributes towards developing comfort in vehicles for people all over the world. Ergonomic design is an absolute must in modern vehicle development, if the vehicle is to survive in the market. Vehicles must offer the highest degree of comfort and be designed to optimally match the different physiological attributes of drivers and other vehicle occupants.”

Mr. Qizhen Zhang, General Manager, BEIJING JIANGDA TECHNOLOGY: „RAMSIS has a strong position worldwide in the industry. Since the product has been introduced to the Chinese market a few years ago, we have seen constant growth in sales. As Chinese OEMs keep increasing their R&D activities and aim for international markets, more and more local manufacturers need to include RAMSIS early on in their design process. Beijing Jiangda Technology is delighted to manage RAMSIS sales and services for Human Solutions GmbH in China. The partnership between our two companies is very successful. It brings great value to our customers.”


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