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New field of application for 3D CAD manikin RAMSIS

“Diving Stations for RAMSIS” - RAMSIS ergonomics software to flank submarine designers


The Howaldtswerke- Deutsche Werft GmbH, Kiel is now on Human Solutions’ list of famous customers – opening up a completely new field of application for RAMSIS, the 3D CAD manikin. For the first time in the history of this ergonomics software, RAMSIS will now be used in submarine design, customizing the vessels’ interiors to meet submariners' ergonomic requirements. One of Germany's largest shipyards, the Howaldtswerke- Deutsche Werft GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of non-nuclear submarines. HDW achieved a technological quantum leap with the development of a submarine propulsion system which requires no outer air supply and is based on its noiseless and zero-emission fuel cell for the German Navy.

“We're delighted to have won this order from Germany's largest shipyard. It opens up what for us is a completely new sector. Our RAMSIS manikin is already the world's most successful ergonomics tool in the automotive industry. Its branch solutions are already being used successfully in sectors like “Industrial Vehicles”, “Bus & Truck” and “Aircraft”, both on land and in the air - and now RAMSIS will soon be at 'diving stations' under the sea as well, helping to customize submarine interiors to match the physiological requirements of the submariners. Submarines have always been infamous for close confinement and uncomfortable seating”, explains Anton Preis, Director of Sales at the Human Solutions GmbH. The first submarines with new, RAMSIS-designed interiors should enter service in 2013.


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