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HyperWorks Partner Alliance adds RAMSIS by Human Solutions

HyperWorks users can now access the world's most popular 3D CAD tool for the ergonomic design and analysis.


TROY, Mich. - Altair (, a global provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision making, today announced the addition to its HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA) of RAMSIS, the occupant simulation software by Human Solutions.

HyperWorks users can now download the latest version of RAMSIS from the HWPA website at and use RAMSIS at no incremental cost through their existing HyperWorks software license system. To date, over 350 companies worldwide have joined the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.

The consideration of ergonomic aspects in product development has evolved into a decisive competition factor for manufacturers and a challenge for designers who must account for a wide range of human sizes. RAMSIS allows manufacturers in the automotive, aircraft and industrial vehicle sectors to realistically simulate a digital human body to create more ergonomic, safe and comfortable interiors. Used by more than 70% of all vehicle manufacturers, RAMSIS calculates such critical aspects as reach, visibility and ride comfort virtually using precise dimensions, postures and movement sequences of a diverse catalogue of 3D CAD manikins. The system uses current, international body dimension databases to supply accurate representative results about product requirements for complex international target markets - roughly 3 to 5 times faster than conventional analysis methods.

*Altair hyperworks Partner Alliance is an ideal conduit for RAMSIS applications. The digital human modeling suite that RAMSIS offers is a natural extension to the hyperworks solutions library. Thus a development engineer have a one stop shop for most, if not all of his product development needs”, said Dr. Joseph Hassan, General Manager of Human Solutions NA.

HyperWorks is a suite of enterprise analytic applications that includes statistical, database, visualization and simulation software to help companies make better business decisions. Its patented HyperWorks Units licensing technology allows users to transparently share software licenses globally across a broad suite of applications.

“RAMSIS is an exciting technology which represents a new direction for the HyperWorks Partner Alliance,” said Martin Nichols, Altair Executive Vice President of Global Alliances and Operations. “Expanding our solutions library to encompass applications outside of traditional CAE allows Altair to offer a truly comprehensive platform for all aspects of the design process.”

The addition of Human Solutions’ technology brings the total number of applications available under the HyperWorks platform to 58 including 30 third-party software applications such as RAMSIS. These applications enable users to maximize their current investment in HyperWorks licenses by giving their engineers and designers flexible access to a growing pool of leading technology solutions.

About Altair

Altair Engineering, Inc. empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. Privately held with more than 1,300 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 20-year-plus track record for product design, advanced engineering software and grid computing technologies, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to customers in a broad range of industries. To learn more, please visit

About the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

HyperWorks uses a subscription-based software licensing model, where software licenses float across the enterprise, and customers can use floating licenses to access a broad suite of Altair developed and third party software applications. Customers benefit from unmatched flexibility and access, resulting in maximum software utilization, productivity and ROI. For more information about the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, visit


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