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Human Solutions brings RAMSIS NextGen to the market  

Good ergonomics is synonymous with comfort and safety


RAMSIS is the world’s leading ergonomics tool for the automotive industry when it comes to customizing the interior of vehicles to match the requirements of the driver and passengers as closely as possible. Human Solutions now brings the next generation of intelligent humanoid models to the market, based on a radically new software concept and offering a whole host of new functions ... RAMSIS NextGen.

RAMSIS NextGen provides flexibility, efficiency and a better representation of the market. The user gets results faster thanks to the parallel study of several human models (manikins). Body shapes of the models have been improved on the basis of real, three-dimensional scans and graphical visualization options have also been expanded. The reusability of data and the better operability of RAMSIS NextGen lead to a much more efficient process.

“The time savings generated by using the new software can be used for data analysis and design optimization. And that means the continued rapid identification of individual challenges in vehicle development”, explains Anton Preiss, Director Mobility at Human Solutions.

Thanks to the modular design of RAMSIS NextGen, the program can be flexibly integrated into the work environment of the user – and of course the new software also supports data from the older RAMSIS.

With RAMSIS NextGen, Human Solutions has introduced a new generation of virtual human models, making vehicles more comfortable ... and RAMSIS even more effective for users. The new “generation” fulfils many modern requirements, providing multiple benefits for the user. Bernd Brückner of Daimler comments: “NextGen can do more with fewer clicks.”


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