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Kings of Human Modeling

RAMSIS 3.4 software from TECMATH of North America allows designers and engineers to analyze human motion in real time;


"This amounts to a huge time and cost savings for the customer, as quick, automatic computer adjustments replace traditional manual design methods such as costly mock-ups or test

subjects". Engineers at automotive interior supplier Johnson Controls, Inc. use RAMSIS computer modeling to design interior system for comfort cues. RAMSIS automatic posture prediction

function automatically adjusts the mannequin to simulate real-world seated position.

"Today, design and engineering are intrinsically connected to automotive interior comfort", said Nathan Young , group vice president of worldwide new product development, marketing

planning and industrial design for Johnson Controls. "The broader issue is making sure the occupant is comfortable inside the automobile". The RAMSIS software is used by more than 70 percent of automakers worldwide for interior design analysis.


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    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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