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RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE 2003 / Register now!

This year's RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE will take place from the 15th through the 16th of September, 2003 in 'Car City' in Wolfsburg.


The car is the focal point of this conference. Even the location, the famous Autostadt (Car City) in Wolfsburg has been specially chosen to this end - its many pavilions, facilities and halls will provide a superlative setting.

As always, the first day of the RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE is reserved for

lectures, while the second day will again give you the opportunity to

participate in various workshops. And...wait for it!...Human Solutions has

succeeded in organizing a sightseeing tour of the VW works as a special

highlight! More info and details on lectures and workshops is on the way.

You can register right away for the RAMSIS USER CONFERENCE. Either online at, by eMail, or by fax.


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