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Human Solutions at the EDM Forum of DaimlerChrysler

From the 16th through the 17th of July, DaimlerChrysler’s EDM Forum will take place in the Congress Center in Böblingen, Germany. Human Solutions will be there, presenting RAMSIS and ANTHROSCAN.


The actual version of this successful ergonomics software is RAMSIS 3.8. Special features are e.g., posture models for passengers and rear seat passengers in cars as well as models for pilots for aircraft cockpit design. The new functions for vehicle interior design focus on the analysis of seats and belt systems. A Task Wizard (task assistant) supports the complex process of defining movement sequences and facilitates the introduction of customer-specific analysis standards. Improved geometrical functions as well as enhanced possibilities to integrate additional functions into the program by means of an API interface simplify the job process. Over 70% of the world’s automotive manufacturers use the CAD tool RAMSIS by Human Solutions GmbH (a rough translation of the German abbreviation is “computer-supported mathematical-anthropological system for vehicle occupant simulation”).

Industry branches whose products include human body measurements (like the garment, furniture and automotive industries) depend on the measurement data of their target groups being up-to-date - only thus can they deliver suitable products and plan their production correspondingly. Thanks to ANTHROSCAN, companies save time and money: because conventional serial measurements are carried out with a measuring tape. The new system needs fewer personnel and is less prone to errors. In addition, it enables the measurements to be worked on at a later stage, since subjects are stored in the form of precise digital twins.


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