Easier working with heavy vehicles

RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles is tailored for the ergonomic design of construction and heavy machinery. This means increased productivity and safety for your customers ― and for you a clear differentiation of your products in the market.

BOMAG: How can we adapt our vehicles for the Japanese market?

With the right target group selection in RAMSIS, BOMAG detects significant ergonomic differences for the average Japanese driver ― in the steering wheel position, for instance.

RAMSIS in the development process

RAMSIS enables the design of heavy construction machinery in such a way that the vehicles can be fully controlled through the review of visibility standards, for example or through improved operability ― without the driver having to learn everything about them in advance. Safety therefore remains at the same high standard, even if the operators change ― because the machine itself reduces the risk of accidents with the resulting damage and production delays. And the really good thing about this is that it can be carried out on the virtual model at the strategy and concept phase, quickly comparing different design options to select the best.

You can expect

proven technology for XXL vehicles

  • a reduction in development time and costs
  • an optimal analysis of posture, vision, motion and effort
  • more safety for drivers and the working environment
  • easier working with heavy vehicles
  • improved operability of vehicle controls
  • compliance with standards and the ensuring of ergonomic quality, like the best accessibility, for example and the usability of all controls
  • easier execution of maintenance and repair work
  • the world’s largest, representative anthropometric database (taking of measurements in sitting and standing postures)
  • the simulation of driver’s posture and motion behavior based on ultra-modern research

Functional highlights

Specific industrial ergonomics

  • direct and indirect (mirror) vision
  • various analysis functions: body dimensions, posture, distance, angle, comfort, reach envelopes for any part of the body, maximum force analysis
  • “Industrial Vehicles” standard posture model 
  • standing posture, symmetrical standing posture
  • manual orientation of body posture
  • Task Editor
  • motion recorder
  • one of the available anthropometric databases: USA/Canada, USA (NHANES III), Mexico, South America, China, India, Japan/Korea, Korea, Germany, France
  • BodyBuilder Basic add-on module for statistically evaluated body heights
  • sample data set of a commercial vehicle
  • IGES translator for import/export functions
  • basic functions for creating and manipulating geometrical data
  • configuration menu for defining user-specific input
  • wide range of printing functions


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