Better driver performance

The RAMSIS Bus & Truck module precisely fulfills the requirements of truck and bus manufacturers in the ergonomic design of commercial vehicles ― and this holds great benefits for you and your customers.

RAMSIS in the development process

Bus and truck drivers are usually on the road for a while. And the quality of the ergonomic design ― especially with the intensive use of the driver’s workplaces ― has a direct effect on the amount of stress the driver experiences.

The RAMSIS Bus & Truck module contains all the ergonomic body dimension and movement patterns which are typical for bus and truck drivers, like when they enter the vehicle, for instance. There are also extensive analyses, like vision analyses especially designed for use in the commercial vehicle sector. This module in Automotive RAMSIS provides more comfort and safety for the driver, even before the first physical prototype stage ― and that means more performance, less fatigue and fewer sick days for your customers’ drivers.

You can expect

performance efficiency at the driver’s workplace

  • extensive cab analysis options, such as reflection, optical characteristics of displays
  • the highest possible degree of comfort and safety in the operation of commercial vehicles
  • a realistic database and the simulation of the target group
  • the world’s largest, representative anthropometric database (taking of measurements in sitting and standing postures, in compliance with DIN 20685
  • a specific truck driver database
  • the creation of manikins with extreme body dimensions
  • a new, user-defined truck posture model
  • the simulation of driver’s posture and motion behavior based on ultra-modern research in various driving situations, like animations with the semi-dynamic entering of the vehicle, for instance
  • an analysis of the human-seat interaction
  • optimal graphic presentation

Functional highlights

Perfect ergonomics for trucks and buses

  • model structure (grid, shading and surface model, physiological joint simulation, H-point)
  • anthropometric database
  • standard animation
  • automatic posture calculation and determination of the space/room requirements
  • visual analyses, such as reflection
  • analysis of tasks e.g. entering the vehicle
  • anthropometry
  • adding-on of objects to the manikin (e.g. helmets or tools)
  • definition and control of object kinematics
  • the posture models “Bus & Truck” and Standing Posture
  • BodyBuilder Professional with a broad range of statistical functions for creating test manikins
  • functions for motion simulation
  • interfaces with motion capturing systems
  • definition and control of object kinematics


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