New standards for comfort and safety ― despite strict regulations

RAMSIS Aircraft is a highly functional CAD manikin for the ergonomic design of aircraft. Without a physical mockup, your employees, partners and customers will be able to assess how visibility conditions and accessibility spaces will actually be in the real aircraft.

RAMSIS in the development process

Aircraft are very often sold at the digital model stage. By then, RAMSIS will have already answered all your customer’s questions regarding the comfort, safety and operability of your product. New standards in comfort and safety can still be set, despite strict directives. And the development timeframe can be reduced and optimized at the same time, because different design options can be easily compared with one another, there are fewer iterations and you have more opportunities to try out new options.

With RAMSIS, any target group can be generated and size, gender, population and age-specific characteristics can be exactly determined. Posture and ergonomic behavior in the cockpit, comfort and ease of operation in the passenger cabins and the feasibility of maintenance tasks can all be perfectly simulated.

You can expect

a competitive advantage in sales

  • enhanced ease of use and more safety in cockpit and cabin
  • the world’s largest representative anthropometric database
  • a specific pilot posture model ― developed in close cooperation with the aircraft industry
  • the precise adjustment of the pilot’s seat and optimal instrument operation
  • the simulation of posture and motion behavior in the cockpit based on ultra-modern research
  • the incorporation of eye movements in posture calculations
  • the automatic calculation of eye positions, including head and neck motion
  • the testing and optimization of the feasibility of performing assembly, maintenance and repair work
  • the simple control of the virtual test person
  • flexibility and adaptability: used for individual ergonomics projects by leading manufacturers like Airbus, EADS, Embraer and Eurocopter.

Functional highlights

Realistic ergonomic planning on the digital model, plus

  • model structure (grid, shading and surface model, physiological joint simulation, H-point)
  • animation
  • automatic posture calculation of individual test manikins or entire test collectives
  • visibility analysis to assess the size and quality of the visual field, including visual distance
  • various analysis functions: body dimensions, posture, distance, angle, reach envelopes for any parts of the body, direct and indirect visibility, maximum force analysis
  • reach analysis, including an analysis of body dimensions and body weight distribution
  • posture models: pilot, Standing Posture and Symmetrical Standing Posture
  • adding-on of objects to the manikin (e.g. helmets)
  • definition and control of object kinematics
  • manual orientation of body posture
  • Task Editor
  • motion recorder
  • one of the available anthropometric databases: USA/Canada, USA (NHANES III), Mexico, South America, China, India, Japan/Korea, Korea, Germany, France
  • BodyBuilder Basic add-on module for statistically evaluated body heights
  • a sample data set of an aircraft cockpit
  • IGES translator for import/export functions
  • basic functions for creating and manipulating geometrical data
  • configuration menu for defining user-specific input
  • wide range of printing functions


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