Your target group ― fully integrated into the development process

Anthroscan is currently the best system for the planning, execution and evaluation of ergonomic studies and statistical analyses. It automatically determines the exact dimensions of your subjects, so your customer is always digitally available ― and you can quickly check whether or not your customers’ dimensions match those of the selected RAMSIS population.

Audi: How do we create the best seating quality in our race cars?

Audi uses Anthroscan to tailor the seats for its race cars. A driver is measured and his body dimension data flows into the seat production process. The tailored seat improves ride comfort and handling ― a new way to race ahead of the competition.

Anthroscan in the development process

With Anthroscan, you can take correct measurements at any time and always according to the same pattern, because your customer ― or your pool of test persons ― is always available in digital form. The body dimensions from Anthroscan can be integrated directly into your CAD human model, such as RAMSIS or Jack, for example.

You can expect

cost-effective study projects and individual customization

  • analysis of body dimensions at the scan ― no test person needed
  • flexible, individualized evaluation options
  • automated measurement based on anatomical reference points
  • management and processing of several postures
  • predefined measuring schemata (e.g. ISO 7250, ISO 8559, ISO 15535, ISO 20685, EN 13402)
  • a proven system for serial measurement programs in Germany, France, Sweden and Switzerland
  • an accurate, completely comparable survey following the same pattern for all subjects

Functional highlights

Comparable, precise measurement procedures

  • freely definable body measuring rules: measurement postures, marker positions, dimension rules
  • 130 standardized body dimensions  (ISO 7250 and ISO 8559)
  • automatic detection of anatomical reference points
  • simultaneous management and evaluation of several postures in a body dimensions list
  • determination of statistical data clusters, (e.g. average value, standard deviation)
  • automated and interactive measurements can be freely combined
  • on-going documentation in the background
  • all scan and background data available online via a central database
  • data export in raw data format and csv format
  • interfaces with statistical analysis tools like SAS, SPSS, Excel
  • export of 3D scans in standard exchangeable formats, like e.g. OBJ and STL


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