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Your ticket to trouble-free IT support  

We offer you an ITIL-compliant, personal support system ― one which ensures the fastest possible troubleshooting for all our products.

The minute your telephone call or E-mail arrives at our Central Support Desk, the urgency and the type of support case are identified by means of check list. In the case of frequently asked questions, our Service Desk staff will help you ― fast and red-tape free.

If your problem can only be solved with technical support, a ‘ticket’ is written identifying your support task and you are contacted by the appropriate Support Unit. The maximum reaction time depends on the level of urgency. Problem-solving then takes place via telephone and remote maintenance. For support cases that can only be remedied on site, our highly-qualified field team is ready to move into action. We also store spare parts for all plotters, PCs and Unix workstations ordered from Assyst, Human Solutions or AVM.

The companies of the Human Solutions Group only take on support cases which involve their software or hardware. For a detailed description of our support cases, and the scope of performance of our maintenance agreements, please E-mail

RAMSIS Troubleshooting & Support

Please specify the problem you are experiencing and any questions you may have. This helps speed up the process of determining the solution and ensuring that you will be satisfied.

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RAMSIS Version Number*

Please provide the version number of RAMSIS you are currently using.

RAMSIS Variant

Please provide which RAMSIS variant you are using.

RAMSIS standalone
RAMSIS NextGen Standalone
RAMSIS NextGen in NX

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RAMSIS Add-On Modules

Please select which add-on module you need assistance with.

RAMSIS Seat Belt Design
RAMSIS Cognitive
RAMSIS BodyBuilder
RAMSIS Global Concepts
RAMSIS Ergonomic Expert
RAMSIS Bus & Truck
RAMSIS Standards & Regulations

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*If you do not know your RAMSIS version number:

  • RAMSIS NextGen standalone - it can be accessed within the Help tab in your RAMSIS framework screen. You will then need to click on one of the options given (Modeling, Belt Simulation, Ergonomics, IGES Converter, JT Converter, Project Manager, Body Builder, Cognitive) and then click on About. You will then find your current version number in this window.
  • RAMSIS standalone – it is shown in the header of the menu screen; for more details, open the "?" tab in the upper right corner, then select Info.
  • RAMSIS in CATIA V5 –initialize the RAMSIS workbench by selection of Start – Infrastructure – RAMSIS from the CATIA menu, then select RAMSIS – Help – Info.
  • RAMSIS in Siemens NX – initialize the RAMSIS in NX application, then select Ramsis Help – About from the Ramsis ribbon bar or RAMSIS in NX – Help – About from the menu.


The magazine for ergonomics in the automotive industry

  • Drive differently
    ergonomics in the car of tomorrow
  • New, new, new!
    verification of compliance with norms, RAMSIS in NX, current research
  • Comfort under water
    interior design in submarines
  • China on the move
    ergonomics simulation in the largest growth market
  • Ergonomics at the starting line
    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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