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Ergonomics expertise on demand

We offer you the optimal ergonomic design of vehicles ― or aircraft ― for increased comfort, safety and improved operability for your target group.

Experienced employees consult with your team, reinforce your internal resources on specific projects and manage ergonomics training courses with Human Solutions products. As well as fundamental ergonomic design, our services for you also include vision, reachability and grasping space analyses on a digital model. In the vehicle world, we also offer you special customer guidance on SAE standards, eBTD certification and eBTD calibration for new belt types and anchorages.

You can expect

a fast start and quick benefits

  • Faster time-to-market thanks to savings on time-consuming trial runs with test persons
  • Faster, enhanced product maturity and cost savings through the avoidance of planning errors.
  • Competitive advantages thanks to high level of comfort and safety
  • More flexible setup of ergonomics competence
  • Effective integration into your product development process
  • Transfer of entire know-how

High-tech tasks

Instant ergonomics in practice

  • Design of drivers’ seats, allowing for very tall and very short vehicle occupants
  • Determination of optimal seat adjustment area
  • Determination of necessary steering wheel position
  • Vision analysis of instruments and road ahead
  • Ergonomic design evaluation of cockpit
  • Reachability of switches and adjustment directions
  • Benchmark analyses with the time-tested and proven ergonomics check
  • Configuration of test samples specifically tailored to your markets and products


The magazine for ergonomics in the automotive industry

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    ergonomics in the car of tomorrow
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    verification of compliance with norms, RAMSIS in NX, current research
  • Comfort under water
    interior design in submarines
  • China on the move
    ergonomics simulation in the largest growth market
  • Ergonomics at the starting line
    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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