Optimal view of the instruments in the vehicle

RAMSIS Cognitive is a RAMSIS Automotive module for analyzing and optimizing the perception and management of information in the vehicle.

RAMSIS in the development process

The number of instruments in drivers’ cockpits is on the increase. To ensure good ergonomics with the provision of information, it’s not simply a matter of having all the displays well within the field of vision ― it is also vital to know how well they can be perceived, during rapid eye movement, for instance. RAMSIS Cognitive helps to ensure this as early as the concept and design phase, preventing unnecessary costs and delays later. The level of market readiness is consequently well above average, even before the first production series is ready to roll off the line.

You can expect

virtual ergonomics control

  • a level of product maturity which is well above average
  • an optimized instrument visibility
  • greater operational safety and increased comfort
  • the early definition of the interior design
  • the acceleration of the development phase
  • less costs for modifications during the development phase

Functional highlights

Ergonomically optimized instrument visibility

  • analysis of direct view
  • analysis of reflections such as daytime or night glare
  • analysis of acuity
  • analysis of the minimum visual range
  • display of expanded visual limits
  • analysis of the optical attributes of displays
  • analysis of optical head-up displays (HUD)
  • display of visual focus adjustment zones
  • analysis of situational visual focus adjustment times
  • 360-degree vision around the vehicle
  • evaluation of the external visual field
  • creation of a traffic scenario
  • dynamic route curves


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