Time and cost savings ― even with international products

With the RAMSIS Safety module, you can check right away how the belt is going to run over the bodies of future drivers. You can simulate belt routing on a digital test body on a PC. This allows you to ensure that all BTD directives are officially complied with and digitally certified, even before the first model freeze.

BMW: How do we reduce costs and comply with BTF directives at the same time?

BMW uses RAMSIS and the RAMSIS Safety module in all its models, from the 1 to the Rolls Royce ― this enables safety and wearer comfort checks, plus adherence to BTD directives at an early stage of the project.

RAMSIS in the development process

The BTD test is a prerequisite for import to Canada (and consequently to the USA). Seatbelt routing is physically simulated on a special test rig. With RAMSIS Safety, you can transfer this analysis into your computer in the knowledge that it is revision-secure and ensure comfortable buckling and unbuckling at the same time.

RAMSIS Safety is the only digital test in the world for which certification is legally approved. After numerous validation study projects had been carried out, the simulation of belt routing with RAMSIS Safety was accepted and approved by Transport Canada as the official certification method. Elaborate tests with a physical measurement machine are no longer necessary. This reduces the degree of investment risk involved in importing products into North America.

The core of RAMSIS Safety, eBTD, was developed in cooperation with the Joint Working Group Abdominal Injury Reduction, a consortium of various car manufacturers.


RAMSIS eBTD is available as a stand-alone version or as a module for RAMSIS.

You can expect

a digital test for BTD certification

  • the only digital test in the world for BTD certification
  • significant time and cost savings during the development phase
  • fulfillment of the conditions for import into North America
  • reduction of the financial risk involved in importing

Functional highlights

Highly precise belt routing simulation, plus

  • complete CAD display of the eBTD
  • simple positioning of the eBTD by specifying the H-point position, heel point position and upper thigh and torso angles
  • library with more than 15 generally used belt anchorages
  • parametric definitions of the position, dimensions and degrees of freedom of the anchorages
  • automatic calculation of belt routing over the eBTD geometry incorporating anchorage kinematics, belt width and belt twist
  • incorporation of the seat cushion and backrest geometries
  • automatic calculation of belt length (torso, pelvis and total)
  • automatic calculation of the values and authorization results on the eBTD clavicle, sternum and hip scales


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