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High-tech ergonomics

Customer and market-driven products are the goal ― and the route taken to achieve that goal must be constantly shortened, making processes increasingly faster and more cost-efficient. In intensive development sectors like Fashion and Mobility, this can only be achieved through the right product and size & fit information.

The companies of the Human Solutions Group offer technologies which make development and production more efficient, while at the same time providing the key ergonomics data for your target groups ― seamlessly integrated into your processes. And we take the optimal path in every sector.

In the Mobility sector, the ergonomic software RAMSIS integrates itself seamlessly into the well-developed CAD landscape, enabling optimal interior design and compliance with standards well before the first mockup. We also provide comprehensive software for seat development. Here we present the companies of the Human Solutions Group, which are active in the Mobility sector.

Human Solutions

Everyone wants RAMSIS ― with 75% of the global market share, Human Solutions is the leader in ergonomics software.


Phone: +49 (0)631 343 593 00


Human Solutions of North America

Ergonomics worldwide ― interior design for U.S. Mobility




Phone: +1 919 741 6130




The digital test driver of the German automotive industry has been in use for 30 years

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Research project tackles the question of how we will be seated in the automated vehicles of the future

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RAMSIS as a soldier – ergonomically optimized interior design for military vehicles

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The 3D manikin RAMSIS visits the Eurosatory

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