The new approach to vehicle ergonomics

With RAMSIS NextGen, you reduce the effort involved in interior design – through automation, unified standards and more flexibility for businesses and users.

RAMSIS in the development process

Digital vehicle ergonomics with RAMSIS Automotive actually reduce interior design by a factor of 3 to 5 – but RAMSIS NextGen exceeds these values by far. All your relevant studies can still be carried out accurately, but performance is increased by up to 50%. There are also interesting new possibilities, such as the insertion of realistic test samples, the cross-model comparison of study results and effective cooperation in projects according to established standards.

RAMSIS software's quantum leap is based on the complete redevelopment of the system core, the user interface and the infrastructure. To make the introduction easier, the model-related data of the existing RAMSIS installation can be transferred into RAMSIS NextGen for further use. This also enables a gradual, step-by-step introduction.

You can expect

A significant improvement in performance

  • Parallel processing and execution of analyses
  • Reusability of definitions and data
  • Optimal teamwork
  • Integration of all parameters into the company-specific process flow
  • Reality gains with manikins
  • Application of the analyses to all test samples
  • Enhanced hand geometry

Functional highlights

A technical quantum leap

  • Modular system structure
  • Four basic components: Framework, Ergonomics, BodyBuilder, Project
  • Optional software modules, e.g. belt routing simulation
  • New operating concept with custom toolbars, context-sensitive menus, geometry integration and definition transfers by copy&paste
  • Working in up to four parallel views
  • Manikins with role-based properties, improved body shape and appearance
  • Automation through macros, study concept or user-defined functions


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    ergonomics in the car of tomorrow
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    interior design in submarines
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    ergonomics simulation in the largest growth market
  • Ergonomics at the starting line
    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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