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Size & Fit Specialist ― CAD, PLM, ERP, and size & fit in the home of Fashion.

In Italy, the land of Fashion, Systemi Assyst is active in the Fashion sector for the Human Solutions Group. Our customers there combine the technological leadership of our solutions with the fine old art of tailoring.

For companies such as Diesel and Brioni, the Human Solutions Group is a key technology partner in the development of their collections, where the main issues are efficiency, speed and quality. In addition to CAD and PLM, solutions also include innovation solutions for SizeITALY. Sistemi Assyst also offers the machine portfolio of TopcutBullmer.

Our focal themes

  • CAD, PLM & ERP for Fashion
  • Bodyscanning & body dimensions database
  • Automation
  • Web services
  • 3D visualization

Our highlights

  • Comprehensive range of technology from development to production
  • Founded in: 1989
  • A subsidiary of the Human Solutions GmbH since 2011
  • CEO: Peter Stampfli
  • Headquarters: Lainate (Milan), Italy


Sistemi Assyst s.r.l.
Tel.: +39 02 9376921