VISIBLE WOMEN - Celebrating International Womens Month!

We are celebrating International Women’s Month at Human Solutions by highlighting the many ways our data is used in product design to make women truly visible. As Caroline Criado Perez points out, in her book “Invisible Women”, the lack of women’s representation in design still persists in many products and designs. All too often critical equipment and protective clothing – and every day clothing, vehicles and building design is engineered around the scaled down hands, feet and body frames of a default human (man) – at the expense of women’s safety, comfort and protection.

Our anthropometric data and simulation software is already used by many of the world’s greatest companies. Name a car maker, and they are probably use our data. However, when you find instances of structural bias in product design – and as you know the bias is everywhere - you can tell people where they can come to ensure that women are visible in every product design.

Ergonomic simulation so design works for every body

For over twenty years Human Solutions has developed the world’s largest database of anthropometric data captured by 3D body scanners. These “Avatars” are stored in Avalutions database. Our ergonomic software (RAMSIS) gives vehicle and aerospace designers the ability to place these avatars into virtual simulations of their vehicle design so they can finesse the comfort and safety for people of different sizes and genders. Ergonomic engineers test the usability of critical operating controls and ensure a clear 360 degree field of vision without requiring the operator to move out of position. The software also has modules that can be used in the design of trains, buses, trucks, industrial machinery, airplanes, agriculture and military vehicles.


Engineers need to ensure that women astronauts and pilots in commercial and military aircraft can view and operate critical controls without compromise.


Our data is used to model the ergonomics of women bus drivers to make sure that they can reach the pedals, controls and mirrors, without effort.

Industrial Vehicle

Manufacturers of construction vehicles in China use the data to ensure their vehicles can be operated by the large supply of qualified women drivers.

Anthropometry so product design works for every body

The data from Avalution is used for the design of uniforms and PPE for women operating in critical environments like doctors, surgeons, firefighters, police and soldiers. For many years women have had  to use poor fitting equipment like bullet-proof vests, gun holsters, helmets and combat boots, that were scaled down versions of the unisex design. Women already play a vital role in these forces, despite using poorly fitting equipment, but we do now work with many groups from around the world to address the needs of women who take on these critical roles.


Precision surgery requires proper fitting gloves. Our hand data ensures a perfect fit for women surgeons and doctors as they perform life saving surgery.


When you run towards the fire, you boots should fit perfectly. Our foot sizing data is taken to improve the design of boots for women soldiers ad firefighters.


Body sizes differ across regions. Our country data is used to ensure fashion lines from one country can fit the population sizes of women from another.

Fashion must follow the body, not the other way round. Our anthropometric data is also used to develop prototypes for consumer goods, fashion and accessories.


Biomechanical engineers take the avatars to prototype protective helmets for sports so that each helmet performs its protective function.


Technology companies use the data to ensure VR headsets can be adjusted for head sizes of people from different regions and genders.


Logistics and operational planners use the body size data to anticipate the volume of demand for different sizes needed for different markets.

#BreaktheBias: Which Product can we optimize for you?

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