Digital Cockpit and Passenger Cabin Simulation in Aircraft

Room and ergonomics – perfect for every airline

The requirements airlines place on aircraft are multi-faceted: the cockpit must be designed for an international pilot crew and the interior space must be used economically, but still meet ergonomic requirements. RAMSIS Aircraft meets all these complex requirements and implements them, realistically simulating the posture and movement of pilots, flight crew, passengers and workers in digital design. You can meet the requirements for interior aircraft design perfectly – without the need for any physical mock-ups.


Best possible use of space in the cockpit and passenger cabin


Reliable implementation and coordination of customer requirements on the CAD model


Shorter development time and faster results

Special features of RAMSIS Aircraft



Behavior in the cockpit, cabin and workplace

Efficient ergonomic design of the cockpit and passenger cabin thanks to the simulation of the behavior of pilots, crew and passengers as early as the concept phase.

Specific pilot posture model

Automatic calculation of realistic pilot postures for the best possible evaluation of vision, reachability and cognitive perception.

Collectives for pilots, crew and passengers

Derivation of the size variation of optimal populations for interior dimensions from the world’s most comprehensive 3D body dimension database.







Best practice in aircraft & helicopters with RAMSIS

View of the instruments

Test the pilot’s view of the instruments

Pedals in the cockpit

Optimal pedal adjustment range in the cockpit

Passenger comfort

Knee freedom and access to economy seats

Safety in an emergency

Accessibility of oxygen masks

On-board entertainment

Usability of the entertainment systems

The crew at work

Space requirements with trolleys in the aisle

Efficient maintenance

Feasibility of maintenance work

Stow items safely

Analysis of the operating force needed to reach the overhead stowage compartment





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