Safe operability & handling

More productivity and safety on the job

The ergonomic alignment of commercial vehicles – especially in terms of vision and operability – gives your customers greater productivity and safety. If the machine itself can reduce the risk of accidents at work and is easy and safe to operate, this will benefit your customers and your company, because you can push your products in all markets and successfully sell them internationally.


More productivity and safety on the job


Complete vehicle control – without specific model knowledge


Ergonomic design, even for foreign markets

The vehicle as a tool

In the case of commercial vehicles, the focus is always on the actual task at hand – and when the vehicle becomes a tool, the vehicle guidance must be ergonomically perfect.

  • Construction machines

  • Agricultural machines

  • Boats & Ships

  • Train

Special features of RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles


Posture models for professional drivers

Simulation of driver behavior in specific vehicle types thanks to adaptable, user-defined posture models in sitting and standing postures.

Special analysis for visual standards

Vision as added value in the market – verification of visual standards on the CAD model and testing for optimal use at work.

Realistic international test collectives in 3D

Driver populations for domestic and foreign markets, including an own library for corpulent drivers and a detailed library for hand movement ergonomics.

Best practice with RAMSIS in commercial vehicles, heavy machines and tractors

Space requirements

Space in the driver’s cab for carrying out various activities

A clear view

from the H-point or eyepoint view for identifying visual obstacles


Estimation of actuating forces for operating elements


Optimal placement of controls such as joysticks

Climbing up into and entering the vehicle

Accessibility and space requirements for ingress/egress


The visibility and readability of information

Visual standards

Complying with vehicle-specific standards on the CAD model


Optimum seat adjustment range for international driver populations






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