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Innovation at the forefront

With us, you can experience first-hand how innovation is created and how it results in economic added value.

We achieve much – and make much possible

We give our all for our customers and for research! But we also push our company envelope when it comes to career planning or more flexibility for the family.

It’s the result that counts

And hopefully this applies to you as well. Targeted commitment is important to us, which is why our managers shape their leadership approaches based on clear performance targets.

Our team has many facets. So who are you?

Are you an idea finder, facilitator or a motivator? Are you perhaps a calming influence, a bundle of energy, a mediator, a lover of detail, or an endurance wonder? At Human Solutions you’ll get many opportunities to prove yourself, to contribute your ideas and to further develop your skills.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.





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Make more of yourself and strengthen our team. We look forward to meeting you!