Modern ergonomics concepts

Easing of the workload and more driving safety for professional drivers

Truck and bus drivers must remain constantly alert and be able to react quickly. Anyone who sits in a vehicle for 8 hours or more a day needs special ergonomic concepts to stay healthy and fit. With RAMSIS, you can implement the necessary ergonomics concepts to achieve this. The Bus & Truck module supplements the RAMSIS software with a special driver database and best-in-class functions for optimizing the levels of attention, comfort and safety of professional drivers.


Develop highly efficiently and test your new concepts


Analysis of attention, perceptibility and effort


Specific truck driver database – also for corpulent drivers

Overweight drivers often find it difficult
 to move around in the cabin.

Daimler wants to remedy this situation.

Special features of the RAMSIS Bus & Truck module





Posture models for professional drivers

Simulation of driver posture in different driving situations, such as semi-dynamic vehicle entry animation. Posture models are available in sitting, standing and supine positions – also for corpulent drivers.

Perfect vision in Bus & Truck

The positioning and design of display elements contributes a lot to how intensively the driver’s vision can remain on the road. RAMSIS offers comprehensive analysis options for the driver’s cab, e.g. for reflection and the optical properties of displays.

Realistic international 3D test collectives

Consideration of international driver populations for domestic and foreign markets including an own library for corpulent drivers. Items of equipment can also be attached to the drivers for realistic simulation.

Reachability and passive balance

RAMSIS can also show whether the posture remains stable during an activity, such as closing and opening the door during ingress/egress.

Best practice with RAMSIS for buses and trucks


Ergonomics design for extremely corpulent persons

A question of posture

Coupling of posture calculation and visual analysis

Clear vision

Analysis of the direct or indirect view incl. reflection

Effective rest period

Supine posture models for designing the driver’s cabin

Door to XXL

Effort required to close the driver’s door

Climbing up

Load on joints during the climb up to the cabin

Always in sight

Visibility/readability of displays

Seating position

Analysis of human-seat interaction

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