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We are the leading driver for digitization and innovation in ergonomics.


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Companies all over the world work together successfully with us. The result is ergonomically optimized products and processes – and more efficiency and agility in product development.



RAMSIS has been part of the product development of outstanding companies since 1995 and the world´s leading software for digital ergonomics.



With Engineering as a Service we help you to implement new concepts and innovations in ergonomics and support you at peak times.


Only at Human Solutions – digital people, ergonomics competence and simulation

Our software and projects stand out clearly in the market – we combine extensive knowledge about people and digital ergonomics with our software for ergonomics simulation. This enables end-to-end digital ergonomics in development and top marks for efficiency, time-to-market and costs.




This is what we have achieved

New challenges in ergonomics: Our team of experts researches and supports the implementation of new concepts and vehicle models.

Comfort and safety right from the outset: Even the first CAD design takes ergonomics into account today.

Fully digital development: RAMSIS gives you end-to-end digital development for the first time – because each digital iteration saves you time and money.

Innovation in product development: Changes and new ideas can be digitally tested – quickly and in good time. This saves time and increases the innovation value of your products.

Time-to-market: Physical prototypes are only needed for final inspection or product acceptance. Nowadays, even compliance with standards can be clarified digitally.

Leading in R & D

Human Solutions is involved in many international research projects and is strongly committed to the further development of ergonomic simulation and ergonomic field research.