Interior development & early product maturity

New concepts for space and comfort – with no subsequent reworking

Passengers, instruments and stowage space in passenger cars always have to be accommodated in an ever-diminishing amount of space – but the vehicle still has to boast the best possible level of comfort! With RAMSIS, you can perfectly implement new concepts ergonomically and achieve a high level of product maturity as early as the CAD model stage. The leading ergonomics software reduces your development costs and your time to market.


Used by the leading automobile manufacturers worldwide


Up to 50% time and cost savings in development


High level of product maturity in interior design, operability and compliance with standards

Special features of RAMSIS Automotive




Fast simulation

Automated sequence of posture calculations and analysis steps.

Seats with an ergonomic concept

Consideration of special H30 values for different vehicle concepts (e.g. sports cars, SUVs, vans).

Optimal for projects

Impressive project efficiency, thanks to standardized procedures and optimal documentation.

More than SAE

Ergonomic vehicle design that exceeds SAE minimum requirements.

Ergonomics for everyone

Simulation of drivers and passengers on all seating in a car.

Ergonomics benchmark

Comparison of different design concepts from an ergonomic point of view in CAD.

Best Practice with RAMSIS for automobiles

Seat adjustment area

optimal adjustment ranges for international driver collectives

Direct and indirect vision

optimal field of view on displays and outside the vehicle

A space miracle

ergonomic specifications for instrument positioning


analysis of the belt routing over driver and passengers

Vehicle ingress and egress

analysis of ingress and egress dimensions

Sitting comfortably in the back

space requirements of passengers on the rear seat

Everything under control

optimization of display and storage concepts

Sufficient force

maximum actuating force, e.g. when closing the trunk





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