Call for papers – RAMSIS Excellence Award 2020

16.12.2019 |

This year again, we’re looking for the best young scientists in the field of ergonomics! 2020 will see the RAMSIS Excellence Award presented by Human Solutions for the [...]

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That was the RUC 2019!

14.11.2019 |

The end of October saw our annual RAMSIS User Conference (RUC) take place in Dresden for the first time. The focus this year was on electromobility and the question of how it [...]

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RAMSIS Excellence Award presentation

14.11.2019 |

At this year’s RAMSIS User Conference (RUC), Human Solutions once again presented the RAMSIS Excellence Award to young scientists for their outstanding scientific work in [...]

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RAMSIS becomes part of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform

05.11.2019 |

Dassault Systèmes and Human Solutions will extend their cooperation to provide vehicle designers with a best in class tool for ergonomic analysis – the Human Solutions [...]

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Human Solutions is ISO 9001:2015-compliant

10.07.2019 |

A few months ago, Human Solutions passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification process successfully for the first time. At the beginning of July, the German Technical Inspection [...]

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Register now for the RUC!

10.07.2019 |

The RAMSIS User Conference will take place in Dresden on October 29 and 30. The programme for the RUC is still being finalised, but one thing is already clear – a [...]

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How do people move in a vehicle?

02.05.2019 |

We are always on the move, no matter where we are – but our freedom of movement is severely restricted in narrow spaces, such as in a vehicle. This is why the interior design [...]

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TISAX certificate for Human Solutions

15.04.2019 |

The security of the data that Human Solutions customers make available for our work is of great importance to us – and we have also been awarded the TISAX certificate for our [...]

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Ergonomics in the Middle Kingdom

15.03.2019 |

China is the largest car market in the world – and it’s beginning to change from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market, because even established brands are being [...]

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Size NorthAmerica – Serial measurement surveys acquire new body dimension data for the automotive industry

19.02.2019 |

Measurements in the USA have been completed, now it’s the turn of Canada – and all the results of the Size NorthAmerica serial measurement survey should be available by [...]

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Young scientists! Are you ready?

15.01.2019 |

For many years now, Human Solutions GmbH has presented the annual RAMSIS Excellence Award for the scientific work of students, doctoral students or scientific staff who deal with [...]

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Securing child seats in the car

06.12.2018 |

Parents attach enormous importance to the safety of their children in the vehicle – so when they buy a particular car seat for their child, that’s a real sign of trust [...]

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Good vision right from the outset

05.10.2018 |

Standards define the visual values for vehicles. Testing for compliance with these standards is carried out using mirrors and cameras, while driving or maneuvering. The limit [...]

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We are researching… how we will be sitting in the automated vehicles of the future?

07.08.2018 |

Autonomous driving is causing a major stir in the automotive industry – and we at Human Solutions are asking ourselves what will the driver actually do if the vehicle is [...]

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Deep Orange & RAMSIS

15.06.2018 |

The Deep Orange program at Clemson University in South Carolina/USA enables students to develop a vehicle prototype within two years. It’s a unique program that accompanies [...]

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