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Turn ergonomics into your competitive advantage

Operability, comfort and safety are the key factors for the market success of products. Integrating ergonomics in product development from planning right through to series production places high demands on competence, processes and resources. Together with our experts, you can break new ground, secure highly qualified competence at peak times and significantly improve your overall performance. This is no exaggeration. After all, we’ve proven it many times before.


Competence and resources


Simulation and field studies


Real and digital test collectives

Full service: digital ergonomics studies

Inject new impetus into your product design! We will take over the entire implementation of ergonomic studies, from planning to the transfer of results – and if required, we’ll use third-party studies to supplement the ergonomics simulation with RAMSIS. You’ll receive your study results fully documented and comprehensibly prepared.

Ergonomics on demand: project work with your team

If skilled workers are not available, or if they are needed at peak times, we will support you in all areas of ergonomic product design. Our experts will bring their experience and manpower to your organization on a project or contract basis.

Consulting for ergonomics processes: organizational & process setup

Anchor ergonomics in your product development, from strategy all the way to series production. Together we will create a solidly-founded ergonomics guideline for virtual and real security in the shortest possible timeframe. This also includes the development, examination and review of new procedures and ergonomic methods.

Ergonomics from A to Z

Choose one of our study packages to take your product forward in comfort, ease of use and safety – and of course you can also examine specific issues together with us.

Perform the usability test

In the Usability laboratory, the ergonomic quality of the operability of products and product elements (such as displays and steering wheels) is compared through observation and questioning. This is based on the jointly developed requirement definitions, plus interface design and evaluation with VDI 2222 – and the result is a comprehensive benchmark for the ergonomics of your product.

Complete check: Ergonomics 360°

Get an exact overview of the ergonomic quality and the ergonomic improvement potential of your products. This analysis is also possible in a comparison with several vehicles.

Complete check: target group 50+

Impressive purchasing power means different requirements. Our experts check how well your vehicle performs in terms of vision, perception, mobility and power – and how fit it is for demographic transition.

Load check

Perform a forces & moment analysis to check that your vehicle can be easily operated (or even at all!). Among other things, our experts will determine the maximum force forecasts for you, or calculate torques in the neck area, e.g. during extreme maneuvers with and without a helmet.

Ingress /Egress analyses

Using a combination of fields and virtual studies, we will show you the critical phases of ingress and egress – and uncover enormous improvement potential for your vehicle as a result.

Seats tests

We check seat length & width, backrest height, seat contours, lateral support and operability using physical test benches and simulations – and we define the basic ergonomic reference points (also in compliance with SAE standards).

Vision check

We will support you with your CAD analysis of the external field of vision (with visual occlusion using A/B/C columns), in the determination of the visual quality when looking at instruments, and the required gaze aversion times – and we’ll also help you to draw the right conclusions from the study results.

Safety tests

Ensure standard-compliant belt routing over the manikin and test device (e.g. Gabarit, Hybrid III, Q Dummy) at an early stage – alternatively, belt routing can also be ensured using a real test collective in the real vehicle.

Secure marketing authorization

Digital allows you to ensure compliance with visual standards at an early stage in the digital model. This saves a lot of time in product development.

Ergonomics for successful products

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Make ergonomics your decisive competitive factor.

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