Human Solutions at the BAUMA with RAMSIS

When a vehicle becomes a workplace, it’s well worth making high demands on its ergonomic design. After all, a long working day in the driver’s cab is all about safety, health and as much comfort as possible. In the Fritzmeier booth at the BAUMA in Munich (Hall A6, Booth 327) from April 8 to 11, 2019, Human Solutions will show visitors how the world’s leading digital manikin RAMSIS is used in the development of construction machinery and vehicles.

With RAMSIS, machines can be designed in such a way that they can be fully controlled and monitored at an early stage of development. “This is an important safety aspect, because the machine itself will reduce the risk of costly damage, accidents at work and loss of production if ergonomic requirements have already been taken into account at an early design stage,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group.

Ensuring high process quality

RAMSIS also offers important advantages for product development. Thanks to ergonomic analysis at the computer model, you save time and money and ensure high process quality at the same time – because tests carried out with RAMSIS are not weather-dependent, so you can repeat your results at any time and compare the ergonomic aspects of different design options.

The RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles module can be used for ergonomic simulation in construction & heavy machines and in agricultural vehicles. Even as early as the strategy and concept stage, RAMSIS will give you all the solutions to issues that could affect product quality in terms of the comfort and safety of the driver and the operability of the vehicle. When it comes to compliance with visual standards, for example, a separate module ensures that the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO) §35b and the International Standard Organisation (ISO) 5006 standards are addressed at an early stage, especially for construction machinery. “RAMSIS displays the visual fields geometrically in the CAD model, facilitating standard-compliant development by performing checks and corrections on the digital vehicle model,” says Dr. Seidl.

Reproducible ergonomic results

The results of your ergonomic studies can be easily reproduced and transferred to other vehicle models. Thanks to RAMSIS’ virtual ergonomics control, you prevent costly, subsequent developments after the design phase has been completed. Planning and concept errors are prevented and the level of market readiness is well above average as a result, even before the first production series is ready to roll.

Human Solutions will be pleased to welcome you at the BAUMA booth of the Fritzmeier Group (Hall A6, Booth 327).


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