RAMSIS Excellence Award 2023

Mobility shapes life in a globalised society. The more time we spend in vehicles, the more important the demands on usability, safety and comfort become. Taking people‘s movements into account when designing a vehicle is a major challenge. RAMSIS is the world‘s leading ergonomics tool for the automotive industry and state-of-the-art technology for the ergonomic interior design of vehicles.

The RAMSIS Excellence Award will be presented by Human Solutions for the sixteenth time. The prize is awarded for scientific work that deals with the topic of vehicle ergonomics in the broadest sense of the term. The RAMSIS Excellence Award is intended to help students and scientific research associates gain an insight into the processes of the automotive industry and to establish valuable contacts within the industry by participating in the RAMSIS User Conference.

Conditions of participation

  • The RAMSIS Excellence Award (REA) addresses ergonomics students, scientific staff and docto- rate students whose main study focus is on vehicle interiors or cockpit design (interior).
  • In its broadest sense, the submitted project must concern the design of vehicles, but it may also cover the cognitive intake and processing of information, themes related to anthropo- metry and the analysis of comfort and driver models.
  • The submitted project may be (but need not be) a study carried out with the ergonomics tool RAMSIS (e.g. mirror design for a particular vehicle).
  • Projects subjects can range from passenger cars and industrial vehicles to buses, trucks, heavy machinery, racing cars and aircraft.
  • The project must meet the requirements for high-quality scientific work.
  • At the time of submission, the project must fulfill the following requirements:
  1. it must not be older than 2 years.
  2. It must not be currently participating in another competition, or it must not already have won an award in another competition.
  3. It must not already have been presented at a previous RAMSIS User Conference.
  • If the submitted project was created within the context of a project carried out on behalf of third parties, or if it was created by several participants, the approval of any other creators/ authors and/or the participant’s usage rights must be explicitly confirmed, or ensured as a condition of participation.


The RAMSIS Excellence Award is awarded for the best scientific project and has a total prize money of €1,500.


Doctoral thesis

1.000 EURO


Master, Bachelor, Diploma thesis

500 EURO


A jury consisting of representatives from science and industry will evaluate the rankings of the submitted projects and select the winners. The jury will meet behind closed doors.

Decision criteria for the evaluation of the projects are:

  • Scientific niveau
  • Technical applicability and relevance for actual practice
  • Degree of innovation


Applications are open to all students, doctorate students and scientific staff who have completed their studies in ergonomics. Please fill in the attached application form with the required information about yourself and about your work project.

The deadline for you application is July 31, 2023 (Date of postmark/e-mail). Documents received after this date will not be considered.

Send all documents to:

Human Solutions GmbH
RAMSIS Excellence Award
Marketing Division
Europaallee 10
67657 Kaiserslautern/GERMANY

or e-mail to:


or use the form at the end of this page.

All REA participants will receive written confirmation when we receive the application documents. Only fully completed application forms will be considered. In participating, candidates agree to the conditions of participation and affirm that all the information given in the application form is truthful.

Award ceremony and presentation

The winners of the RAMSIS Excellence Award will be scheduled to speak at the RAMSIS User Conference. The willingness to participate in the conference is a prerequisite for registering for the Award.

Travel costs or other expenses (e.g. cost of submission) cannot be refunded. The winner will be notified in writing.




Usage rights

  • All submitted projects may be used for the competition and its relevant journalistic evaluation.
  • In particular, Human Solutions is entitled to publish the projects selected by the jury for this purpose in newspapers, journals and other publications – but only in the context of the compe- tition and its journalistic analysis. Participants are not entitled to claim any fee for such usage. The participant has the right to provide the project with his/her copyright note.
  • The participant agrees that his/her personal data may be acquired, stored and used for the purpose of the realization of the competition. Any further use of the data by the Human Solu- tions GmbH will not occur.
  • The jury´s decision is final. No actionable claim can be made against the Human Solutions GmbH for payment of the prize money.

Your application:

Doctoral thesis
Master, Bachelor, Diploma thesis
I herewith accept the data protection regulations of Human Solutions GmbH.
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