3D Manikin & Ergonomics Simulation

Highly efficient development on the digital model

RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin. It realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors, allowing you to ensure a high level of product maturity and already save on physical prototypes during the early development of your products on the CAD model.


Scientifically validated data on body measurements and behavior


Market-leading functionality for ergonomics analysis


Posture models and physiological joint simulation

  • Automotive

  • Aircraft

  • Defense

What makes RAMSIS so special?


Simulation of human beings


Ergonomics simulation


RAMSIS in the project

  Simulation of human beings

Realistic test collectives worldwide

Based on the world’s largest anthropometric database, RAMSIS enables you to generate any target group, to define size, gender, population and age-specific characteristics and model them in 3D.

Role-based posture calculation

The RAMSIS occupants can be given different roles, each of which knows its typical posture and movement models. RAMSIS automatically calculates these task and role-specific postures based on the vehicle interior. Thanks to state-of-the-art posture studies, the virtual test persons behave realistically when sitting, standing or performing tasks.

Integration of field studies and statistical data

RAMSIS can integrate the data of individual test persons or use it for defining the test persons pool. The software is also based on data from field studies on movement behavior in vehicles, in interiors and on the operation of elements in the vehicle.

Animation, movement and the attachment of objects

Many animation and simulation functions are available in RAMSIS. Manikin movements can be recorded for simple simulation of processes. Objects (e.g. shoes or helmets) can be attached to occupants and included in the posture calculation and analysis. RAMSIS also has an integrated gender-dependent shoe library.

  Ergonomic simulation

Optimal reachability

All controls within reach for driver and passengers

Direct and indirect vision

Instruments and streets in view – also with the help of mirrors

Advanced visual analyses

Visual acuity, time of gaze change or reflection

Room and space requirements

Enough room for drivers, passengers or employees

Enough force

Maximum permissible actuating forces for operating elements


Optimum seat adjustment range and seat design for test collectives

Belt design

Belt routing over vehicle occupants and dummies

Ingress/egress analyses

Simulation of the motion sequence

Virtual aging

Age-specific performance factors, e.g. strength and vision

   RAMSIS in the project

Project support & documentation

RAMSIS reflects the project-oriented perspective in modern development: The project, test collective/filter, examination or role can be adopted and easily adapted for new concepts and studies – external ergonomics documentation almost becomes superfluous.

Usability & individualization

RAMSIS has a task editor, definition & control of object kinematics, the ability to manually align postures, a motion recorder and a configuration menu for defining user-specific settings.

Availability & possible platforms

RAMSIS is available either as stand-alone software for Windows or fully integrated into Catia V5 and Siemens NX. RAMSIS or ergonomics data from RAMSIS can also be integrated into design systems, and RAMSIS geometries can be imported or exported using standard formats.

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