Ergonomics with equipment

Ergonomics simulation in emergency vehicles

Accurate vehicle design is particularly important in confined spaces – and the RAMSIS Defense module provides the necessary practical relevance, ensuring that protective equipment cannot get in the way or pose a safety risk. Posture, effort and analysis results correspond to real use, even if space is at a premium and the occupants also have to wear additionally-restrictive protective clothing and equipment.


Realistic manikin with true-to-life protective clothing and equipment


Highly efficient digital development with a high degree of realism


Automatic consideration of equipment for space requirements and posture

Special features of the RAMSIS Defense module




3D equipment library with real properties

The heart of RAMSIS Defense is an integrated equipment library that includes helmets, combat jackets & pants, protective vests, boots and electronic backpacks. The RAMSIS test collective can be equipped with any of these items as required. The right size is automatically selected and worn or carried perfectly.

Movement restriction with equipment

A vehicle occupant wearing a helmet must lower his head more than he would do with no helmet on – and in ankle-high boots, the movement of his feet is also restricted. RAMSIS automatically addresses movement restrictions imposed on individual parts of the body by clothing or equipment.

Perfect assessment of space requirements with equipment

Accessibility, space requirements and posture are calculated under realistic conditions with the usual degree of RAMSIS perfection and reliability. Posture and movement are automatically adapted to the equipment.

Best Practice with RAMSIS Defense

Restriction of movement

with protective vest

Space requirements

when entering or exiting the vehicle in full gear


in posture calculation

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